Mugshots: Georgia RB Caleb King Arrested on Outstanding Speeding Ticket

This has happened to me before, so I can’t be too hard on King.

At least he didn’t break his girlfriend jaw or was drunk when he was pulled over.

No one mentions why he was pulled over at 4am, but I can tell you from experience that a common practice by police to stop people and see if they have any outstanding warrants.  It is King’s fault he didn’t take care of his ticket.  Here are the details:

King was picked up on a failure to appear bench warrant from Walton County, where he was scheduled to appear on speeding charges and never showed up for court.

King was initially cited June 20 on US 78 for driving 76 mph in a 55 mph zone. The court date was for August 6. He was stopped in Clarke County at about 4 am Monday on an unrelated matter. When the officer ran his name through their computer system, King’s Walton County warrant came up.

UGA running back Caleb King became the 11th Georgia Bulldog to be arrested in 2010, when he was taken to the Athens-Clarke County Jail early Monday.

I don’t think this is the type of offense that King should be suspended or even disciplined for. It is a speeding ticket, no need to blow it out of proportion. It is a little disturbing that it is the 11th player on Bulldogs team to be arrested this year, but I don’t think King should be made an example of because the his offense just isn’t as serious.

9 thoughts on “Mugshots: Georgia RB Caleb King Arrested on Outstanding Speeding Ticket

  • You don't think its serious to get a ticket from a police officer, and then choose not to go to court where a judge inforces the law. I am suprised that one you are sucessful in life if you dont think the rules apply to you. Secondly, I hope Caleb King has wise friends in his life that realize this is a big deal. Why do you think so many young black men are in prison? As a young black man I can tell you that its time for us to step up and act responsibly.

    • It was a speeding ticket, it happens

  • Little things lead to big things. Don't try to play the race card like Al and Jessie. Own up and take the medicine like a man!!!!!!

    • I don't recall race was mentioned at all in this post.

      • That's because you took it off after you were called you do all the posts that make you look bad…you're pathetic.

  • It was just for speeding! At least he probably won't be susupended

    • He was suspended for 2 games

  • 11 Players this year, why dont we just say all georgia players comit a crime this weekend and get it all over with. This years team is nothing but full of mug shots and bad news. Very disapointing news as usual from the dawgs, guess we will wait til next year to have a good season maybe and coach mark needs to stay away from jail also….

  • Race is an issue because this blog is called Black Sports Online.

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