Music Video: Brett Favre “See My Dong” …Must View..

This goes right up there with the A.I. “Practice”, Mike Tyson “Every Little Step”, Antoine Dodson “Bed Intruder” and Tiger Woods “R&B Voicemail” Remix as classic Youtube videos of all time.

Regardless of what you think of the Lil Favre situation, I dare you not to laugh to while watching this video.

Lionel Ritchie may not be pleased at the release of this, but the rest of the free world is (maybe not John Madden, but I digress).

Favre has apologized to his teammates for the distraction he has caused and I would not be shocked if he has a great game on Monday night, because he’s been known to play to higher level when he is under stress.

If I were the opposing team, though, I would play this while Brett was in the huddle. It would be similar to the Celtics signing Delonte West to distract Lebron James.

All is fair when it comes to making the Super Bowl.

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