New York Knicks Amare Bares All For ESPN’s Body Issue

ESPN’s body issue is starting to get the anticipation Sports Illustrated swimsuit does. This year’s edition is highly anticipated. There were twitter leaks and rumors about which athlete would make the issue. Well, some of the photos have hit the internet. New York Knicks big offseason acquisition, Amare Stoudemire is apart of this year’s edition. He is photoed in the buff dunking over a swimming pool. There is one problem……..

He’s able to cover up his ‘package’ with only a couple of fingers. My classmmates and I analyzed this photo to try to help Stoudemire. Maybe he is holding it on his thigh so his palm is covering it up, or maybe he ‘tucked’ it between legs…*pause*

I think the long-time myth can now be put to rest…big feet and big hands don’t equal big ‘package’…..just equals large shoes and gloves.

One can help but wonder if Stoudemire got to see the proofs and had any input on the final decision. His fiancée cannot be pleased. On second thought, maybe she is pleased, might cut down on groupies and Kat Stacks of the world coming for her man.

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  • what if that area is photoshopped?

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