NFL Fined James Harrison 75k, But Selling Pic of “Illegal Hit” for $249?

I think the word I am looking for is:


You simply cannot do this if you are the NFL.  You can’t say that you care about your players, you want to crack down or helmet to helmet hits, that you are going eject, fine and suspend players for those hits and at the same time profit from them.

Who do the NFL think they are?

Nucky Thompson? (Boardwalk Empire reference)

It is hard for me to take the NFL stance of protection seriously when they don’t seem to care about  if they are lining their pockets from it.

If I am James Harrison, I am appalled.  Not necessarily because of the fine, but because I am being called out as being a dirty player while my employer is profiting from my “dirty play”.

You can’t on one hand say you are cracking down and on the other hand glorify the actions.

When someone buys this picture of Harrison knocking out Mohamed Massaquoi and their 13 year old sees it hanging on the wall you know what they are going to think?


So much for sending a positive message to the youth.


The NFL said it was a mistake (right……….) and has taken down the pic from the site.

16 thoughts on “NFL Fined James Harrison 75k, But Selling Pic of “Illegal Hit” for $249?

  • Hey Rob, I tried to replicate the search and could not find the photo on their website.

    Did they delete the picture after people started noticing the hypocrisy? I'm interested.

    Post the link to this picture if its still available.

  • Perhaps the NFL will be selling Brett Favre's infamous pictures directed to Jenn Sterger for profit !

    • Classic

  • This was no mistake. They got negative media from it and had to act on it. The NFL are seriously hypocrites.

    • I don't believe the "mistake" excuse

  • $249 seems a little steep seeing as how they already made $75,000 from it.

  • Excellent write-up. I personally look forward to reading more by you.

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