Nuggets Guard JR Smith Gets Moist Over NBA 2K11 Rating

Sometimes before I write these stories I think to myself:

“Is this a real story, these guys can’t be that sensitive”

Then I read more and realize yes they can be.  JR Smith while he wasn’t getting another tattoo decided to thrown a mini tantrum on twitter about his NBA 2K11 rating.

Larry Brown Sports picks it up from here:

Well, as I found out via the new basketball site, Nuggets guard J.R. Smith was not happy with his rating when he heard about it Tuesday. He ranted on twitter:

man they got me ranked like 70 something wow guess who wont be playing 2k11

I could have got a better rating in madden!

No disrespect to anyone but I know they got people on there better then me that can’t guard my NIKE’S

It was brought to Smith’s attention that guys like Mike Miller and Jared Dudley had higher ratings than him.

Here is a reality check for JR Smith you are just an average player.  Average players get ratings of 70 and furthermore:


If you can’t handle your NBA 2k11 rating without crying and whining, how are we to expect you to be the leader of the Nuggets when the Carmelo takes his talents elsewhere?

How about stop being so moist and work on that jump shot.  I played with the Nuggets the other day and went 0-6 from three playing as JR Smith.

So the game is pretty accurate in my mind.

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