Oregon Ducks Play Chart Includes: A Pic of Scott Van Pelt, a Pumpkin, Letter “M” & GUSTO?


A lot of college teams will line up and then look to the sideline for the play. Oregon does this from time to time, so it wasn’t unusual for them to look over to the bench during the 4th quarter of their game against Stanford.

What was unusual, is what was on the “play card”.

It was a picture of ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt, a pumpkin, the letter M and the word “GUSTO”.

I am sure you are wondering what was the play run that will forever been known as the “Van Pelt”?

A simple dive.

You would think if they were going to be that creative with the cardboard cut out of Van Pelt, they could have come up with a  more innovative play, but I digress.


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