Packers WR Greg Jennings On Yelling at Coach: “Felt Good to Vent”

Jennings is killing one of my fantasy teams.

He is my #1 receiver and with my #2 receiver Steve Smith being out,  I am thinking about punching Jimmy Clausen in the face.

I just wanted to point that out before I get into my point about the differences of how some athletes are portrayed in the media.

Here is what Jennings had to say about his lack of catches he has had this season:

Greg Jennings yelled at Packers receivers coach Jimmy Robinson, apparently upset that he caught only two passes in the game. Now he’s apologizing.

“It felt good to release some of that built-up tension because I never really do that,” Jennings told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “I had to tell Jimmy, ‘My fault, Jimmy. It’s not you. It’s this game of football.’ And being a competitor, you get caught up in the game and caught up in your emotions, and they get best of you sometimes, and I definitely let them get the best of me on Sunday.”

Jennings said he apologized and considered his behavior “out of character.”

But he then hinted that he’s unhappy with the amount of passes being thrown his way.

“I’ve never been an ‘I-I, me-me guy,’ and our guys know that,” Jennings said. “But when you’re not able to perform to your level and you have really no control over it, it is frustrating.”

I have no problem with Jennings yelling at his coach.  This happens all the time and he is frustrated.  He thinks he can help the team and had an emotional response.

He apologized and they can move on.

Small issue with him saying he isn’t a “me” guy, that isn’t something you should have to say.

If you aren’t a warm and fuzzy person, people know it— no need to try to validate it.  Similar to how Ladainian Tomlinson tried to tell us how “classy” he was, let people make their own determination on that.

This isn’t the first time Jennings have complained openly in the public about his lack of catches.

But it is probably the first time you have heard about it.

The reason being Jennings is a pretty non descript guy.  No VH1 reality shows, no catchy nicknames, never punched a teammate, doesn’t do the Dougie when he catches TD, doesn’t have a hideous beard and plays in Green Bay.

Basically he isn’t an attention grabber, so when he does something like this it is pretty much dismissed because the public has no personal interest in him.

But it is no different than other receivers upset about not getting balls, but the difference is they get slammed as DIVAS, while Jennings get the “Jamarcus Shrug”.

Once again proving my point that the media doesn’t care about race as much as they care about who makes a sexy story.

Open up your eyes and you will be surprised at what you see.