Adam “Pacman” Jones Arrested, But Released in Case of Mistaken Identity?

Rumors were going wild about Pacman Jones being arrested in Cincinnati after their game with the Bucs in a traffic incident where a pedestrian was hit.

These were the pics that were floating around.

Now according to Profootballtalk it was a case of mistaken identity

The Bengals tell us that Pacman Jones indeed was arrested. But the Bengals also claim that Jones has been released.

Per Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan, the police have characterized it as a case of mistaken identity.

So Pacman was indeed arrested. But, according to the team, he was released without charges.

If you recall Jones mentioned in the offseason that he was being targeted by the Cincy PD, this latest report doesn’t do anything to make me think he was lying about it.

When more details come out we will update the story.


Here is what happened according to Pacman Jones’ agent:

Jones was involved in a minor automobile accident after Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and the Bengals.  Jones remained at the scene due to the possibility of a pedestrian injury.  When police arrived, Jones identified himself.  Police discovered an outstanding felony warrant for “Adam Jones”.  Before confirming that Adam “Pacman” Jones is the same Adam Jones for whom police were looking, the Pacman version of Adam Jones was handcuffed.

Hunter tells us that Jones told the police they were mistaken, but that the police didn’t accept his explanation.  Jones remained in handcuffs for 45 minutes before being placed in a cruiser and driven from the scene.  Then, two blocks later, the police abruptly acknowledged the error and released him.

Pacman should sue there was no reason for him to be handcuffed for 45 minutes. You know how common a name “Adam Jones” is? Did the Cincy PD decide that instead of doing their job they just wanted to handcuff another black man because it is so obvious that if a warrant is out it just had to be him?

I hope Pacman gets him a real good lawyer and takes them to the cleaners.

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  • I’m a police officer and I can tell you, the officer on the scene should have known pacman was not the same person on the warrant within five minutes. 45 mins in handcuffs is an abuse of power and he should file a formal complaint along with a law suit.

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