Pic: Nuggets Guard JR Smith “Pimpin Limo” Filled With Ladies..Must View

I did a story about a year and half ago about Lebron James hosting a party in Atlanta.  Ironically it was the story that had one of the Cavs PR people tell me and I quote:

“We don’t allow reporters who write critical articles about Lebron in the locker room”

I bet I could get in the locker room now, but I digress.

In that article a friend of mine term the young ladies in the picture below members of the “reject bench”.

The definition is that at any club, ladies who can’t get intp VIP or near the athletes and entertainers sit on a bench (normally near the bathroom) waiting to get choose.

Isn’t this pic, courtesy of JR Smith twitter (via the Big Lead) of his limo filled with ladies similar to the “Reject Bench” except they got in choose, so maybe it is the “Accepted Limo”.

After much evaluation Lebron’s “Reject Bench” has a better quality of ladies than JR’s “Accepted Limo”.

If you are wondering why would JR take the time out from getting another tattoo to post something like this?  That is simple, some guys like to brag about how many women they have or can get.

But remember real pimps move in silence.

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  • aint nobody touching the goat chamberlin tho

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