Pics: Chris “Birdman” Anderson Neck Tattoo..Must View..

We take a lot of jabs at JR Brick…errrrr…JR Smith about his selection of tats, but since we don’t discriminate, check out this monstrosity that is on Chris “Birdman” Anderson’s neck.

If the Nuggets only could be as precise on the court as they are with their tattoos, they would be a dynasty in the making.

I wonder do they have a tattoo artist on staff?

Sort of like a team doctor, that way if they ever get the urge to put “Young Money” or “Big Meech” on a body part they don’t have to leave the facility.

I wonder what Birdman is now free of? Is he like a born again hippie? We know he liked to dip in a recreational drug or two in his day. Is he hoping to be traded to the Clippers to take advantage of the legalized weed laws?

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm….

4 thoughts on “Pics: Chris “Birdman” Anderson Neck Tattoo..Must View..

  • I actually read where he said he had been in a relationship that recently went sour thus him being a free bird!

    • He must really looooooooooooove her

  • was he thinking. Looks like he gave a kid a box of magic markers and let the kid draw all over his neck.

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