Police Report: Junior Seau Shoved Girlfriend Into Dresser..Broke Fishbowl

Charges were never filed in the Junior Seau domestic violence case, but the police report of the incident gives you a clear indication of what happened the night he was arrested.

The one thing that concerns about the police report is at one point the girlfriend says she didn’t want to report a previous incident because she was trying to protect Seau.

I am not a detective (but I rock a mean Bert Sugar hat) and I am not accusing Seau of anything, but why don’t you read the police report and come to your own conclusions:


TMZ goes into more detail:

Junior Seau’s girlfriend told cops the former NFL linebacker grabbed her by the arm and shoved her into a wall … this according to the police report just obtained by TMZ.

The girlfriend told police the force was so violent it caused her to knock over their fish bowl. The fish survived.

One of the cops said he saw a small red abrasion on her right forearm and felt a raised bump on the right side of her head. She also complained of back pain. Cops say the front of her shirt was ripped open.

The woman rejected the cops’ offer to get her an emergency protective order.

Good to know that the fish is survive.

It is my personal opinion that Seau even if only a small part of this is true, should seek some professional help. As we have learned time and time again these type of behaviors just don’t disappear because you tell your girlfriend you are sorry.

Sources have told me that the reason chargers weren’t pursued was because the girlfriend declined to cooperate and changed her story several times.

This unfortunately is not uncommon and is one of the reason most domestic violence cases don’t ever go to trial.

No one knows what her motives were or was it mutual abuse, but something happen and it will likely happen again.