Red Carpet: ESPN The Magazine “Body” Event in NYC

NYC had the pleasure to see athletes in a different light. New York City’s elite were invited to a private party that included some of sports’ most talented athletes where the walls were covered to create and distinct images of various athletes in the nude. ESPN Magazine is releasing their “Body Issue” which includes New York Knicks’ newest superstar Amar’e Stoudemire, and a host of athletes who came to support and celebrate the magazine’s most controversial issue.

NY Giants Michael Boley appeared on the red carpet, and he was quick to state he appreciates the issue and the athletes but he’s too shy to ever pose nude. Carmello Anthony’s wife, Lala Vasquez appeared on the red carpet looking amazing, and even though she wasn’t with her husband, she did say she’s excited by the issue and she’s elated that athletes of all sports are being represented in a tasteful and sensual manner that sometimes isn’t shown because of their extreme athleticism.

She pointed out her good friend Serena Williams and how beautiful she is on and off the court.

We caught up with NY Giants Ramses Barden and he seemed a little more optimistic about being physically vulnerable. Herschel Walker, a body athlete who is also a boxer and martial artist was happy to celebrate the “Body Issue”, and being that he is a more mature athlete, he is more conscious on how he is perceived and his overall general health.

Since ESPN Magazine was able to bring out their best athletes, some of the music and entertainment industry’s best came to show support. Adriana Bailllon and Estelle made a special appearance and showed the athletes loved. They both looked amazing and took photos and Andriana said she’s a true New Yorker and shes a faithful New York Knicks fan— her favorite player is Al Harrington. ESPN Magazine had a nice event. It was classy, fun and star studded. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase athletes in a glamorous light for a change.

It was nice to see these amazing powerful and competitive athletes be more “Hollywood” and wear designer clothes and get pretty and not have to worry about a uniform for a night. ESPN Magazine is definitely giving other magazines a run for there cleats.

Photos: Robert Perez

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