Report: Brett Fave Thinks Brad Childress Will Start Tarvaris Jackson

I know Tarvaris Jackson collects a nice check to be the backup to Brett Favre, but it has to be tough for him to hear people say that 90 year old Favre with a bad ankle, bad elbow and poor performance still gives the Vikings the best chance to win.

That would screw around with my ego.

While Tarvaris was never considered a great quarterback, he has lead the Vikings to the playoffs before and considering some of the quarterbacks we have seen this year it isn’t a reach to say he is better than most.

I have said for two weeks for the Vikings to salvage their season he needs to be inserted into the lineup. It looks like he might get his opportunity here are the details:

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Childress is leaning toward going with Tarvaris Jackson instead of Favre.

Per the Star-Tribune, NFL Network reported on Thursday night that Favre has “confided” in some close to him that Childress won’t let Favre play.

The question begs does Childress have the power to overrule Favre. There is some disagreement on who is the real coach of the Vikings.

I am 99% sure that Favre will say he is healthy enough to play even if he is not. Secretly he wants his streak of consecutive games played to reach 300.

If Childress cares about the team Jackson will start, if Favre is in control he will start. On Sunday we will have our answer.