Roger Goodell To Meet With Brett Favre..To Talk “Lil Favre”

I don’t always agree with Roger Goodell, but I can’t say that he is biased in any way.

Even though he is the judge, jury and executioner (if you want to appeal he handles that as well) he is fair.

If you do something wrong in his mind that embarrasses the NFL, he will bring down the hammer— and I believe that includes even “God” Favre.

Interviewed by NBC’s Alex Flanagan during Saturday’s Notre Dame-Western Michigan game, commissioner Roger Goodell revealed that Brett Favre will meet with a member of the league office Tuesday.

Goodell indicated that the NFL is still gathering facts about Favre’s relationship with former Jets sideline reportere Jenn Sterger, to whom Favre made numerous sexual advances in 2008. Goodell did not hint at any league discipline, but it’s only fair that Favre gets to tell his side of the story. After the interview, Goodell will have to determine whether what Favre did violated the Personal Conduct Policy. We’d be surprised if he’s suspended.

I would be surprised if he got suspended as well, but I do believe there is a price to be paid, and Favre will have to come out of pocket, so to speak.

Simply put, Favre better not lie! if he sent “Lil Favre” to Jenn Sterger, then he better come clean. Michael Vick lied and you see where that got him. If Favre lies and the NFL who are like the FBI with their investigations find out the truth, I am sure Goodell will suspend him just off principle

My theory is Favre retires or goes on IR, if he thinks Goodell is even thinking about punishing him, to avoid the embarrassment.

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