Ron Artest Post NBA Plans: “I Want to Play Tight End in the NFL”

One of the great things about the NBA starting back up?


Not that Artest needs a microphone in his face daily to make news, but you can always count on Artest to provide a solid sound bite. He was asked a pretty mundane question about what he plans to do when his NBA career is over and here is what he had to say:

Speaking on the topic of American players playing basketball oversees, Ron was asked if he himself would finish his career in Europe.

“I don’t know. It depends,” he said. “I think I want to play football after my career is over … [as a] tight end.”

So Artest wants to get his Tony Gonzales on after his run with the NBA is over and I was so looking forward to him, Stephon Marbury, AI and Shaq forming a Super Team in China.

They could also have a reality show in China called Vaseline Ballers.

I am telling you that is a billion dollar idea. They need to holler at me.

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