Rumor: Patriots Considering Trading for Vincent Jackson


After shipping Randy Moss to the Vikings for Brett Favre Voice Mail messages, the Patriots are in need of a receiver.

I never had a problem with the Patriots trading Moss, that is their choice, but it weakens their team and their chances to make the Super Bowl.

There had been reports they were interested in Deion Branch, but since this isn’t 2004 I don’t think that helps would help much.  The rumor now is they are talking about bringing Vincent Jackson into the fold.

Jackson is no Randy Moss, but he is better than Deion Branch.  Here are the details:

The Patriots have looked into the possibility of dealing for Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson, a source confirmed Thursday night.

Talks are preliminary at this point but the idea of the Patriots acquiring Jackson in exchange for Logan Mankins is in play.

The only problem is that Jackson would have to sit out three games whenever he does report, so once again in the short term the Patriots wouldn’t benefit.

In the long term it is definitely the best option they have and if they still have aspirations of going to the Super Bowl it is a move they should make.


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