Shaquille O’Neal To Dress Up As Woman For Halloween…”Shaquita”

*Rock Eyebrow*

Shaq is milking the last years of his career, with Ocho Cinco style publicity stunts.  Last week he was a “Stature” at Havard Square and now he is suggesting he will be riding the MBTA as a woman for Halloween.

If this was LA seeing a 7 foot black man dressed as a woman wouldn’t be a big deal and Eddie Murphy would be trying to hop on the train, in Boston might be a bit unusual.

Here are the details:

Reminded that next week is Halloween, O’Neal expanded on the train idea, saying he’d board the train while dressed like a woman he dubbed “Shaquita.” Shaq said he (errr, she) might only ride one stop, but would get dolled up in wig and dress, while accentuating his (err, her) assets. To provide the visual, O’Neal stood up, puffed out the chest area of his practice jersey, and playfully chased the reporter who offered the original train suggestion, calling his name in a female voice.

Question will he pull this wig out of his closet?

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  • Accessories are a? major part of an outfit. Good Ideas

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