Shawne Merriman Done in San Diego..Proof Steroids Work?

There is two ways you can look at this:

Either it was injury or lack of steroids that sent Merriman’s career spiraling.

I tend to believe the latter.  From the time he was caught with a “supplement” as he put it, he never looked (or played) the same.

When Maurice Jones Drew took his cornbread, I officially said to myself:

“His career is over unless he finds some undetectable steroids.”

Profootballtalk explains how the Chargers weren’t willing to wait to see if he ever found them.

The team placed him on injured reserve on Wednesday with a calf injury.  They did so with a “minor-injury designation”, which means its less than a six week injury.  When Merriman is healthy, the team has to release him.

This will surely end Merriman’s tumultuous six-year run in San Diego.  He was the AP Rookie of the Year in 2005, and a first-team All Pro in 2006.  Merriman has never truly rebounded from reconstructive surgery in 2008.

It is quite possible that it was the knee injury that caused his downfall, but then I see Wes Welker running around, so I would be lying if I told you I believe that.

I am sure he will find work, but it is more likely he will have a reality show with Tila Tequila than becoming an All-Pro again.

3 thoughts on “Shawne Merriman Done in San Diego..Proof Steroids Work?

  • No doubt there are teams who desperately need help at outside linebacker in a 3-4 defensive scheme. There is one team that is sorely in need of help at OLB, and that is the Buffalo Bills. They just foolishly paid Chris Kelsay a $24 million contract extension. He is brutal at OLB. The only problem is that while I would love for the Bills to kick the tires on Merriman, he is a free agent who'll want a new deal. The Bills sank so much money into Kelsay that I think it will inhibit them from making their LB corps better. Teams like the Pats are having problems with their defense as well. Maybe they will look at Merriman.

    • if he willing to take less money he will get a gig, just don't expect a blockbuster deal

  • "Yew gon eat yer corn breeeaaaddd"

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