Shockingly the Tiger Woods Sex Tape is a Scam

I think someone told you there was .00000001 chance this story was true, but I digress.

It is similar to those emails you get from the African King, that say if you send him your bank information or $500 he will make you five billion dollars in 30 days.

This is what porn star Devon James is trying to do to you.  Sports By Brooks put on his detective hat to debunk all the foolishness. brought some sanity to the Janette fiasco.

The alleged Tiger Woods sex tape is a “scam” and “doesn’t exist” according to the former manager of the hooker who claims to have sold the rights, is exclusively reporting.

And Devon James even allegedly tried to find a look-a-like of the disgraced golfer to star in a fake tape.

According to Gina Rodriguez, a former porn star who managed Devon after the Tiger scandal broke, Devon is lying

“The tape does not exist,” Rodriguez told

“This is definitely a scam and I would advise anyone thinking of buying it to not send sending in your money for pre order, because the tape does not exist and if they have a tape, it’s NOT Tiger.”

So no “Lil Tiger” will be on the big screen in the future. More importantly do not send this woman any money.

She is just attention whoring and trying to get a quick buck off you.

Don’t be so thirsty for drama that you can’t pay your rent.

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  • haha, she needs to get some 'meds' for those lips.

  • Yep. Mr.Marcus with a polo shirt didn't fool anyone.

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