SI NFL Players’ Poll: Most Overrated Players..Terrell Owens #1

Before I get to my thoughts, lets take a look at the list:

  1. Terrell Owens
  2. Tony Romo
  3. Mark Sanchez
  4. Albert Haynesworth
  5. Eli Manning
  6. Shawn Merriman
  7. Chad Ochocinco
  8. Reggie Bush
  9. Jay Cutler
  10. Joey Porter

Maybe because it is a players’ poll, but it is pretty accurate.

I think T.O. being #1 is probably more personal than anything else, hard to be overrated when you have the third most touchdowns in NFL history for a wide receiver, but beyond that I have no qualms with the list.

Ironically both Bengals starting receivers are on the list, but not Carson Palmer who hasn’t been an elite quarterback since his knee was destroy years ago.

Is Jerry Porter even in the league? If so, why?

A lot of these players on the list have been paid handsomely for their sub par performance, maybe we should have an overrated GM list?

Is there anyone missing?

Some of the players I would mention have already been outed as frauds like Brandon Jacobs.

Would Brett Favre be considered overrated or would that be similar to the T.O. argument?  The difference though you rarely hear people put T.O. in the greatest players of all time or even greatest receivers, while Favre is always mentioned as greatest Quarterback of all time.

But if you go beyond the numbers, Favre has cost his team so many big games in the last 10 years, makes you wonder.

Interesting debate.

5 thoughts on “SI NFL Players’ Poll: Most Overrated Players..Terrell Owens #1

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  • Lets see here….Egghead Manning, Bill Parcels, Jerry Jones. Most of the players(*keyword most) from pre-1970s. Oh yeah, Tim Tebow & A.I.(the answer).

  • Great point on TO and Ocho being on this list, but Carson Palmer NOT being on the list. A WR is ONLY as good as his QB just as a RB is only as good as his OL.

    I believe that this list is more of a reflection of media coverage versus on field production. But even in THAT context, you have to ask yourself, "Why does the media still cover TO?" and "Why does that coverage always begin with a recap of his problems?".

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