Steve McNair’s Widow Mechelle McNair & 4 Sons Given 2.5 Million Dollars From His Estate


This is a bit strange to me. Maybe one of the 17 lawyers that visit the site or threaten to sue me daily can explain.

McNair’s total estate is worth about 20 million. He has four kids, two by his widow Mechelle and two by other women. He didn’t leave a will, but his estate has been frozen for over a year.

Am I right to assume the other two women are laying claim to a portion of the estate or are family members trying to make sure they get their cut? Could it be a combination of both?

It just seems odd to me that Mrs. McNair has to go to court to free up some funds for her and the kids. Here are the details:

The widow of Steve McNair has won a request to get $2.5 million from the late NFL quarterback’s estate.

Mechelle McNair had asked a Nashville judge to unfreeze a portion of the estate so that she and Steve McNair’s four sons could each have $500,000 until the probate case gets sorted out.

She and Steve McNair had two sons together. The other two are from previous relationships.

The estate of the former pro, who played 11 seasons with the Tennessee Titans and two with the Baltimore Ravens, was initially valued at $19.6 million. The bulk of his assets have been frozen since his death.

Hopefully it all gets squared away peacefully. I would hate to see the families bickering over money. The most important thing are his children, so I hope whoever is in charge of his estate keeps that in the front of their mind.


  1. This isn't funny, and I'm not trying to poke fun, but I died laughing at that first statement to this article:

    "This is a bit strange to me and maybe one of the 17 lawyers that visit the site or threaten to sue me daily can explain"

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