T.O. on Kris Jenkins Criticism: “If He Spent More Time Training He Wouldn’t Get Hurt Every Year”

Jenkins, who is on injured reserve, has been very vocal about Owens and Ocho Cinco off the field activities and tweeting.  He feels that it takes away from their focus on the field, that they are more concerned with their image than the team.

Interesting take and he isn’t the only one who feels that way, Owens decided to respond.

“First of all, if he spent more time probably training in the offseason he wouldn’t have to be in a boot commenting on us. Maybe he wouldn’t be getting hurt every year,” Owens said.

T.O. also responded to being voted by players as the #1 overrated player in the league:

“I’m good. I’m number one. I’m the most overrated player in the NFL,” he said.  “It’s good, it’s all haters. It doesn’t matter. Look at what I’m doing on the field. All I said is put me in the right situation and I can ball it up.”

Owens’ opinions are not right or wrong, just his opinions on the matter.

I don’t agree he is the #1 overrated player in the league— I think that was based off his reputation not his production.  As far as the tweeting and off the field activities, I get the feeling that a lot of NFL players wish they were as popular.

I think there is some jealousy involved plus it is easy to take shots at Ocho and Owens instead of getting to the real root of the Bengals’ problems which are the offensive line. Carson Palmer and a front seven that can’t rush the quarterback or stop the run.

Ocho and Owens are convenient “Red Herrings”.  The facts are T.O. is playing above expectations and Ocho slightly below, but neither are the cause the Bengals are underachieving.

But it is easier to blame Twitter than look at the facts.

3 thoughts on “T.O. on Kris Jenkins Criticism: “If He Spent More Time Training He Wouldn’t Get Hurt Every Year”

  • And still, there's no noise about Carson Palmer's performance this year. TO isn't overrated – that man's has the HOF numbers to back to up, but as with every other team he's been with, he's not had the QB. OchoCinco kinda needs to sit his butt down because he's [underachieving]. He's a #1 that's acting like a #2 and currently has the numbers to prove that. People just need to stop being…#moist…and get on with the business of how to try to fix their issues and win a game. Sheesh, when will NFL players ever learn that public infighting doesn't get anyone anywhere?

  • Kris Jenkins just hatin because his big ole' defensive lineman behind isnt getting any attention

  • im a bengals fan, hell of an analysis of the situation. Carson and the O-line are the issue, TO has been a welcome suprise.

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