Terrell Owens Hires Matchmakers Kelleher International To Help Him Find a Kardashian


Here is my question—why would you hire a “matchmaker” when you have Twitter?

T.O. has 585,000 + twitter followers.  If at least 50% of those are women that is a quarter of a million pool of ladies to choose from.

Maybe I am just using common sense, something that escapes T.O. from time to time.  Pigskinlovinglady has the details:

T.O. is looking for a Kim Kardashian look-alike and hired, Kelleher International to help him find her. Kelleher, run by mother and daughter team Jill and Amber Kelleher, has 18 international offices and charges clients anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000. Matchmaking = call girls…what’s the difference?

This seems a bit backwards to me. Why not get a show on VH-1 and have them pay you $150K? After two seasons of the “T.O. Show” it’s clear that the gregarious, wide receiver has problems staying committed, but… maybe that’ll change since money is involved. Who buys a car just to wreck it?

It is a fail if he truly asked for a “Kardashian—you date and spend a “Kardashian’s” money, but you don’t wife them.

It is a fail if Owens is actually paying for the services. I don’t believe he is paying, he can’t be that stupid, so I am going to assume this is a publicity stunt. Who spends 150k when you can go on E-Harmony for $29.99 and get the same services?

These Kelleher women are gangster for this hustle. How can I get into this industry? I can be a consultant or something, because Lord knows some of these athletes need it.


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