The 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Calendar Featuring: LEBRON JAMES



In the immortal words of The Rock.

What in the Blue Hell?”

You can say that this is a pretty big gaffe by someone. It isn’t just Lebron on the front.

It is Lebron “soaring” on the front of the calendar.

I am sure Cavs fans can’t wait to start their 2011 with Lebron hanging from their office desks.

How did this happen? Here are the details:

It was horrible timing by a company called Perfect Timing Inc.

The Wisconsin company printed and shipped a 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers calendar featuring LeBron James on the cover — then James quit the Cavs in a live ESPN broadcast July 8.

Needless to say, the $14.99 calendar is not selling in Cleveland. Not even collectors — people who might value an unopened James calendar — are buying his merchandise here.

They are saying people around the country are buying them up as collector editions, sort of like the boxes of OchoCincos cereal that have the sex number on them (I have a box).

It could be worse.

It could have been a picture of Michael Jordan soaring over Craig Ehlo.

4 thoughts on “The 2011 Cleveland Cavaliers Team Calendar Featuring: LEBRON JAMES

  • Have we received any subliminal tweets by Dan Gilbert about this yet?

  • Couldn't they have waited until July 9th to PRINT the calendars? Who's buying a calendar almost 6 months in advance anyway?!?

    • I thought the exact same thing..wasted money

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