Tom Brady & Randy Moss Get Into Altercation Over Brady’s Hair?

We all thought that the reason Moss was traded was because of disagreements with Bill Belichick, the offensive coordinator and his contract.

We might all have been wrong.

Was it over hair?

Specifically Tom Beiber’s hair?

According to Charlie Casserly of the NFL TODAY, Moss and Brady got into a confrontation.

Brady allegedly told Moss:

“You need to cut your beard.”

Moss fired back allegedly:

“You need to cut your hair, you look like a girl.”

Next thing you know Brett Favre is texting Moss.


Anyway Moss is now a Viking (again) and Brady’s hair still looks like Dirk Diggler.

People have been asking why Brady has been mum on the Moss trade, could this be the reason?

Could he have been hurt to his core that Moss called him a “Beiber”?

Probably not, but it does look like Moss was pushing Brady’s buttons and Brady like it or not is Mr. Patriot— if Moss didn’t have him in his corner, he was good as gone.

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  • This is too stupid to be believed… but it probably is true.

  • What a bunch of horseshit.

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