Twitter Fail: Josh Cribbs Attempts to Spell Condoleezza Rice


I misspell things all the time. I am sure I will misspell something in this post.

So I promise you I am not trying to be the grammar police (I dislike those people like Lebron dislikes humilty).

It is more humorous than anything else.

Every day when people can’t spell something they do what they were taught in elementary school.

Sound it out.

I am assuming that is what Browns all purpose player Josh Cribbs was doing when he let the twitter world that “Condalisa Rice” was visiting the Browns.

Is it possible this is an after effect from the James Harrison hit? ¬†We can’t rule that out.

That should be a concussion test to see if you can spell “Condoleezza” before you can get back on the field.

I am not mad at Cribbs, because that is how it sounds even though its no where near how it is spelled.

My only advice for Cribbs is go to google before tweeting such a complicated name.

Why couldn’t it be simple like LaceDarius or D’brickshaw?


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