Video: Brett Favre Gets Chin Checked By Myron Pryor of the Patriots


A wise old drunk told me once that your ego can be the strongest motivator a person can have. If you think about it is true, some of the most egotistical people in our society are also the most successful.

My theory is the only thing that is keeping Brett Favre upright and starting these games is his massive ego.

Yes, he does exaggerate a lot of his injuries, but you can’t deny he is taking a beating this year.  They say winning heals all wounds, but losing can only make them hurt worse.

He reminds me of a boxer. An old champion with a granite chin. He is fighting against young and hungry heavyweights, but no matter how many blows they land he just won’t fall and when he does, he gets right back up.

Favre took a shot right under the chin against the Patriots, but since he is Brett Favre he vows to be back under center next week.

You can just add that to his list of ailments.

He is the Evander Holyfield of quarterbacks and similar to Holyfield no one seems to be able to tell him enough is enough. Favre still thinks he can carry the heavyweight belt, but I hope this doesn’t become a Holmes vs. Ali situation.


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