Video: Donovan McNabb: “Everybody Makes Mistakes & They (the Eagles) Made One Last Year”


I understand how Donovan McNabb feels.

He was booed when he was drafted by the Eagles (not the best way to start your career) and then had a very difficult decade with the Eagles fans and media. There were a lot of successes,  failures, criticisms, possible replacements and drama.

He is bitter.

Does he have a right to be bitter? Sure he does we can’t control how we feel. I am still bitter at my 1st love for breaking up with me to date a Lacrosse player (not Duke Lacrosse get your mind out of the gutter).

Did the Eagles make a mistake trading McNabb?

I don’t think so.  I believe the Eagles had went as far as they could with him under center.

Did the Eagles make a mistake trading McNabb within the division?

Yes, that was pretty dumb on their part.

But before you start saying the Redskins will be Super Bowl contenders lets take a look at the facts. The Redskins came out like a house on fire to begin the game but after their initial 17 points they were awful on offense and shut out in the second half.

McNabb played terribly after halftime and missed several open receivers throughout the game (he did make some key runs to be fair).

Even with Kevin Corn on the Kolb playing the role of Captain Checkdown and the Eagles trying every conceivable way to give the game away, they were still a Jason Avant dropped pass from winning.

McNabb makes the Redskins better without question, but would the Eagles be better with him? That is debatable.

He should definitely enjoy the victory, who doesn’t like sticking it to their former employee, but we have a long way to go, before we can truly know if the Eagles made a “mistake”.

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  1. Exactly, why inside the division? You don’t trade inside your division without taking them to the bank esp. for a big position like this.

  2. I think McNabb-Reid had run its course but never do you trade the QB and keep the coach that was idiotic. To say it was stupid to trade him in the division is being repetitive. Just think if the Cowboys traded Romo and kept Wade Phillips. He was very servicable at that position and he brought experience to the offense. Now we see that this is truly the most important position in football. Reid should've left not McNabb.

  3. Eagles would surely be better with McNabb, or at least better than Kevin Kolb easily (as Vick has been good before injury). McNabb played a poor second half but he has no real weapons in DC except Chris Cooley. He still made big plays too with his legs when the team needed them