Video: ESPN’s Mark Schlereth Delivers Professional Ether to the NFL


I love nothing better than when someone delivers a “Professional Ether”.

The key to a “Professional Ether” is hard hitting facts— so when Mark Schlereth pulls out the iPad showing the NFL selling a video with a cover very similar to the Dunta Robinson hit on DeSean Jackson, it is a KO to the league’s credibility.

Schlereth shows the hypocritical nature of the NFL.

The NFL says now they won’t promote big hits anymore, but I don’t believe them. I am going to go on their site in four weeks and I bet I still find some merchandise.

We will see.


  1. I really dont understand this sudden outrage against hard hits in football. Im about as concerned with player safety as the next man, but, I cant be outraged with these hits. First off, these players are paid millions to put their bodies on the line, and none of them are hesitant in doing so. Secondly, I think its totally unfair that the media is bombarding the nfl with vitriol now when the NFL is 90 years old. Where was this high horsed criticism 10 or 15 years ago??? If anything, the media should be held partly to blame for this mess. Whenever I see interviews of old broken down players, they are always asked "would you still play the game knowing what you know now about head injuries?"….They alwasy say yes.

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