Video: Jags Kicker Josh Scobee Game Winning 59 Yard Field Against the Colts

Overall it has been a rough couple of years for kickers.

So much so I have started a campaign to make sure all newborn baby boys are banned from being field goal kickers when they grown up.

But every once in awhile a kicker man’s up and does something spectacular. The Jaguars even though they have had an up and down year so far always play the Colts tough. Normally though they come up on the short end of the stick.

Today didn’t seem any different, after Peyton Manning marched his team down the field in the final minutes to tie the game. You had the feeling if it went to overtime and the Colts got the ball game would be over.

But the Jags got into position for an improbable field goal attempt. I don’t think anyone thought Scobee would make it, but he nailed it.

He is going to have all the groupies in Jacksonville on him tonight.

As long as none of them are 19 years old with a laser scope gun he should be cool.