Video & Pics: Konsole Kingz Creates Rosa Acosta PS3 Theme

As you know I am a “Dollarnaire”, so unlike a baller who has both a PS3 and Xbox 360, I had to choose one or the other.

After being a Playstation guy for most of my life, I tried out the Xbox 360 for a while, but after a couple of years I went back to the PS3.

I am not one of those guys who get into heated discussions about which one is better they both have pros and cons, but PS3 does get a big pro by being able to have a customizable Rosa Acosta theme.

Here are the details:

As if you needed any other reason to use your PS3, now you can see one of the sexiest women in the world on it all the time. Rosa Acosta has teamed up with Konsole Kingz to create her very own theme for the gaming system.

Set to be released on Tuesday, you can get more info on the theme here, or for now enjoy the video showing behind the scenes footage below.

The video you could say, is motivation to pick you up a PS3 and because I am man of the people here is a gallery of Miss Acosta that is RL Approved.

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