Video: Reggie Bush Salty Kim Kardashian Was Dating Miles Austin?


Couple of things.

  1. That picture is pretty impressive.
  2. I tried to watch the Kardashian show once, only made it through 7 minutes. Kim Kardashian should never speak.
  3. Memo to Reggie Bush never and the ROCK MEANS NEVER allow yourself to be on speaker phone with a Kardashian.
  4. Miles Austin chuckles at this post.
  5. I have probably wasted too much of your time with this.

As a man the one thing you never want to say to an EX once you find out she has another guy is this:

“Literally, it’s f***ing driving me crazy,”

In the Book of Nohology that is a big no no.

Even if you are crying like Mo Williams watching a Lebron James montage, you suck it up on the phone and simply say:

“Cool I wish you well, talk to you later.”

One last thing, I hear Kimmy is moving to the NYC.


“Hide yo Giants, Hide yo Jets”


  1. Mr Littal you are too funny. The athletes are too ridiculous sometimes. I want them to be all about big pimpin not weiners.

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