Video: Umpire Tom Hallion Greatest Strikeout Call Ever on Ryan Howard


The pitch by Brian Wilson and his beard was a borderline strike (it was also a nasty cut fastball).

Ryan Howard though has to go out swinging, you can not take a pitch that close when you are known to strikeout 22827664 times a year, so he has no one to blame but himself.

What is undeniable though, was the strikeout call by Tom Hallion was epic.

It will be replayed millions of times and for a moment I thought maybe it was Kramer (or Elaine for that matter) from Seinfeld behind the plate.

In a 100 years he could never duplicate such a brilliant strikeout call, if they had Oscars for strikeout calls, Hallion would be Gone with the Wind (I hope Gone with the Wind won an Oscar, I guess I could check please hold…………I am back, it won 8 Oscars so I am good).

I am sure Phillies fan won’t get a kick out of this, but look on the bright side at least you have “Michael Kolb” as your starting quarterback.


  1. That umpiring crew was a bunch of Dopey Chimps. They let the Giants win from start to finish with the way they handled the game. Sanchez should be suspended for inciting the riot that allowed their reliever to warm up. Ball was low, but you have to swing when dealing with those Chimps.

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