Video: Worst Pass Interference Call EVER..Brandon Flowers on Andre Johnson


I am not one to have knee jerk reactions.

I know the refs have a tough job and from time to time they miss a call.

So when I say this, just know that I mean it from the bottom of my soul. This ref needs to be:


I have seen a lot of bad calls in my day, but this is simply atrocious. It is clear that Johnson pushed off Flowers.

The official had to have money on the Texans, that is the only reasonable explanation. It is sad that such a exciting game was turned on such an awful call. He shouldn’t be allowed to referee any other game this season.

The penalty was declined because Johnson made the catch, but if he didn’t the Texans get a gift.  Also it is likely Johnson doesn’t make the catch if he doesn’t push off which wasn’t called.

The NFL has to address this immediately. I know these are judgment calls, but nothing needed to be judged here, that was offensive pass interference against Johnson.

Point blank period.


  1. It was a terrible call, but it honestly should have been a non-call anyway, meaning the catch would have stood as is. And yes, it really should have been a non-call, when compared with all that flowers got away with in his coverage of Johnson in the first half.

    It was a bad call, but it shouldn't have and didn't change anything in the game.

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