Video: Young Brett Favre + Luke + Beers + Strippers = Good Times

Being involved in a scandal is like a crack in a dam.

At first just a little water trickles out, then the crack gets bigger, then larger, then huge and next you know the flood gates are open.

I wouldn’t say Brett Favre is at that level yet, but the longer the “Lil Favre” incident continues to linger on the more things like this will pop up.

For the record now matter how it is spun by Radaronline, there is nothing wrong with what is going on in the video.

Favre and Chuck Cecil (yes the same Chuck Cecil who is now the defensive coordinator of the Titans who flips off referees) were young guys who were out having fun.

I was doing worse when I was 23.

Favre at the time was not married, even though he did have a child with his future wife Deanna at the time.

Favre has never hid the fact that he was a party animal and had his struggles with alcohol back in the day, so the only reason this is coming out now is someone to try to capitalize off the “Lil Favre” scandal.

I find it humorous that Favre was reciting “Luke”.

Could you send text messages by in 92? I don’t think so, I believe the cell phones were like the ones in New Jack City if I am not mistaken.

Look in the bright side would you rather Young Brett saying “We Want Some P****” or “Doo Doo Brown”? That is what I thought.

Here is Young Favre’s inspiration (strong language):