Alex Rodriguez Back With Cameron Diaz After Brief Breakup

I always thought Cameron Diaz was sort of like Nas.

When she appeared in “The Mask” with Jim Carrey, that was like her Illmatic, not because she should have gotten an Oscar or anything (she was much funnier in “There’s Something About Mary”, Brett Favre has a cameo), but because she was smoking hot.

Since then, it’s been a steady decline, some hits, some misses.

I will be honest— I didn’t even know she was dating A-Rod.  He needs to get back with Kate Hudson, that was the only time he was productive in the playoffs:

Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz are rekindling their romance in Miami following a split. We reported that the pair had gone their separate ways in October after he started spending more time with a yoga instructor. But they’ve been repeatedly spotted together in Miami in the past few days.

A-Rod and Diaz were seen working out at a gym before sunbathing together on a boat ride around Biscayne Bay. The couple were also seen at Cecconi’s restaurant at Soho Beach House Miami with Sophia Vergara.

Now Sophia Vergara— she is like Jay Z right now, I would love to “decode” her.

I wonder how A-Rod will be remembered once his career is over, it has been an interesting one. He is still relatively young and has an outside shot at Bonds’ homer run record. I am curious if towards the end of his career, will he start to be loved for all that he his accomplished or will some people always hold the A-Rod persona against him.

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  • Damn Sophia looks good. What's going on with Camerons face? She's looking a little cheeky. She used to be hot. Is it me?

    • That is what I am saying…She going downhill

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