Allen Iverson Blew 154 Million Dollars?



My first reaction:

Even Antoine Walker is like “Damn Homie”.

My inside sources have told me conflicting reports about Iverson being broke (or not). Some tell me he is suffering from a cash flow problem, while others say he is fine.  Remember there are different types of “broke”.  There is the independent sports journalist “broke” and the MC Hammer “broke”.

According to this article, even if he isn’t broke he has lost a whole lot of money. Here are the details:

Kate Feagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the real reason Allen Iverson took his game halfway around the world, is because he’s spent the $154 million he made his NBA career.

But several sources say that Iverson, who made $154 million over a 15 year NBA career, in addition to a lucrative shoe deal with Reebok, is out of money.

Iverson denies it. He says if it was truly about the money he would have jumped at the chance to come off the bench in the NBA, rather than indignantly reject those offers.

I am going to give Iverson the benefit of the doubt. Granted he probably isn’t sitting on 100 million Elin Norgren style, but I think he is ok.

But like most athletes, Iverson was “blowing money fast” way before Rick Ross was thinking he was Big Meech.

Will he be okay ten years for now? I hope so. Being a Dollarnaire myself I don’t want anyone to go broke, so my advice to Iverson is to put some of that Fade to Turkey money in an IRA or Swedish Bank account.  That way, when he can’t live off the Iverson name anymore he still has “some money to blow”.

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  • This is comical, if nothing else. You stubbornly bash the writer of the article for his spelling and grammatical errors (though I understand the argument), but you lack such in your own retort?

    Why don't YOU proofread your comment before going off on a tangent, and then maybe you would be in a better position to tell somebody about themselves.

    Straight Pot calling the Kettle Black…..

  • *Swiss Bank account*?

    His cash is low relative to what he’s earned throughout his career, maybe not AntWalker broke but heading that way. AI has no idea of $ management. A couple of years ago a house he purchased for his mom in VA went into foreclosure. Matt Geiger purchased a crib from AI in Philly & said he would random bands full of cash hidden around the house. AI is a baller not a Gambino, no logic is hiding stacks of cash around the crib. The gambling issues in Detroit. Purchasing a 4.5 mil mansion in Buckhead area of Atl(which has some of the most expensive taxes in the state of GA, not to mention the cost of utilities & maintenance) in the middle of recession. Etc. Etc. All signs point to bankrupt in the future. Do I want to see AI bankrupt? No I don’t, but if I had to place a bet 1 way or the other, I’m betting on bankrupt.

    • I guess my sarcasm was lost on "Swedish Bank Account" … it was tied in with the Elin comment…lol…too much?

      • lol, Yeah, too much. I thought that might be it but then was like no he didn't go there.

  • Sal you sound a little moist. who pissed in you cereal today?

  • Sal I spelled "your" wrong in my comment. Tell me how that makes you feel?

    • ur as ugly as u sound

  • A good and fair article.

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