Allen Iverson Misses His Flight To Turkey

To say I am surprised by this would be a fib of epic proportions. The Besiktas Cola Turka lastest acquisition, Allen Iverson, was supposed to board a flight to Turkey today to join his new team. The flight left for Turkey, minus one integral part…Allen Iverson. The itinerary  for when he arrived  in Turkey must have included practice.

Iverson had a huge ‘Fade to Turkey’ party in Atlanta earlier this week. It has been rumored that he was seen at Palmer Social in Philadelphia last night. Missing his flight today, Iverson is now scheduled to arrive in Turkey Monday.  I don’t know many, actually any cultures where arriving late is socially acceptable and a sign of respect.

Honestly, I think Iverson wishes he could take the money and run.  Iverson and his family are die hard Philadelphians(yea, I made that up), and though they live in Atlanta now, I think that was a hard transition itself.  Nothing about Turkey is appealing to Iverson. He is in store for a total culture shock, and he is trying to delay the inevitable.

Well, one thing is certain, Monday is coming whether they like it or not. The Besiktas Cola Turka are waiting, and so are we. Iverson needs to play overseas, he can still be the star he thinks he is with players of a lower caliber.

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