Allen Iverson’s “Fade To Turkey” Party in ATL Hosted by Meagan Good


Before Iverson takes his talents to Turkey, he is taking his talents to Club Opera in Atlanta (allegedly).

I am in the minority, but I think Iverson playing overseas is a good thing. At this point, the NBA is not an option but he is still relatively young. If he has a good showing in Turkey, maybe he can slide back into the league next year.

Personally, I think Iverson has played his last game in the NBA.

If I was him, I would finish up my final years playing ball overseas, collecting big checks and being treated like a superstar.

If Turkey had a NFL team, I would tell him to take Randy Moss with him, but I digress.

The party is allegedly being hosted by Champ Bailey and Meagan Good.

Free VIP for all the ladies with RSVP.  I remember when you actually had to be a VIP to get into VIP, but those days are long gone.

Here are some pics of Meagan Good for your viewing pleasure:


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