Audio Rihanna: “I Was Insulted To Be Linked To Andrew Bynum”

I think this is called:

Professional Ether

RiRi was on the Ed Lover Show Power 105.1 (what up Ed when you going to put your boy on?) and when she was asked what was the funniest rumor she had heard about herself, here is what she had to say courtesy of

“That I was dating the Lakers Andrew Bynum. I couldn’t believe they insulted me like that”

Rihanna doesn’t appear to be a fan of gossip bloggers as she drops this gem:

“They hate themselves, their life, their job their appearance and they are uncomfortable with who they are.”

Tell us how you really feel.

She didn’t explain how she caused Matt Kemp to have an awful season or if Chris Brown sent her the “Deuces” remix as a gift, but I digress.

I am sure Bynum is all broken up about this (not really).  Bynum plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, he can have 18 Rihanna look a likes by the time I finish publishing this post.

They should have asked about Braylon Edwards trying to woooo her with 10k bottles of Champagne, not that would have been interesting radio.

8 thoughts on “Audio Rihanna: “I Was Insulted To Be Linked To Andrew Bynum”

  • Whatever.

  • InSULTED. THIS CRASHING person who prances Half-naked on videos looking like she would love it with a horse, was insulted.


    • 1st of all Andrew should be the one insulted…Rihanna is not cute…I think she really have men issues..that if u would ask her exs they would tell u she is the abusiver and not a victim…the nerves of people especially rihanna who can't keep a man…she'll be another MJ and go for little boys..

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