Barry Bonds Busted For Driving While On His Cell..During World Series Celebration

While the city of San Francisco was lighting up a “phat one” in celebration of their improbable World Series victory, the cops were pulling over Barry Bonds.

I think texting and BBMing on your cell is worse that talking on your cell while driving, but nevertheless here are the details:

TMZ has learned Bonds was pulled over in his Silver Lexus last night around 10:00 PM — and cited for talking on his cell phone while driving … a violation that will set him back roughly $125.

We’re told Bonds was totally cool with the cops — and went along his merry way without further incident.

Are the Feds still trying to come after Barry?  It has been like 10 years, they need to just give it up.  Also I think the Giants should give Bonds a ring, because steroids or not, he kept baseball relevant in the Bay and helped build that stadium.

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