Braylon Edwards Begging For Your Pro Bowl Votes

Who knew that the Pro Bowl was similar to the Heisman Trophy.

If you go to Braylon Edwards site he is asking for your Pro Bowl vote like he was a tea party candidate.

With that being said, his site is very nicely put together except for his “biography” he is missing his 2009 and 2010 stats, now some would argue that was on purpose because the stats aren’t that good, but I digress.

You can also become a member of Braylon Edwards’ fan club which will allow you to get discounts on Braylon Edward’s merchandise. I am sure that merchandise is flying off the racks.

Braylon’s stats half way through the season are 25 catches, 453 yards and 5 TDs. That projects out to 50 catches, 906 yards and 10 TDs.

Pro Bowl worthy? You make the call.

We know he isn’t getting any votes from Ohio.

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