Brett Favre’s Agent Bus Cook on Jenn Sterger: “We Aren’t Going to Pay Her”

Bus Cook has come out of the woodwork saying that Jenn Sterger and her attorneys tried to get money out of Brett Favre, for the “Lil Favre” scandal.

Sterger’s lawyers say they were just exchanging notes.


Here is what Cook had to say:

Cook replied in a statement to the AP on Tuesday that there was never an intention to offer money for silence.

“Her manager and her lawyer have made numerous overtures to me … at least 6 between the two of them,” Cook wrote. “Anyone can figure out why. The point is we were never going to pay them, we didn’t pay them and we will never pay them. Because, there is NO reason to pay them! They should consider that their attempts to negotiate privately and through the media have failed.”

Cook declined to answer further questions about the matter.

Joe Conway, Sterger’s attorney, said he called Cook once to introduce himself and followed up with a letter. “It’s not about money. It’s about doing the right thing,” Conway said in a phone interview.

Call me crazy, but I believe Cook.

For weeks it appeared that Sterger’s lawyer was hoping that Favre “made it rain” on them and only when that didn’t happened did they turned over information to the NFL.

The interesting thing with the Vikings faltering and the NFL taking their time with the investigation is Sterger may be left with nothing be a bunch of legal bills and a tarnished reputation.