Cam and His Father Cecil Newton Allegedly Spoke About Pay for Play

Uneasy the head that wears the crown.

Especially if that crown has some illegal payments underneath it.  The thing about Cam Newton is if he is truly innocent he has nothing to worry about.

The question begs though, do you believe his fingernails aren’t dirty:

Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State told school compliance officials in January that quarterback Cam Newton and his father each admitted in separate phone conversations that his college choice would be about money, ESPN’s Joe Schad reports. The sources said that prior to Newton’s commitment to Auburn, Cecil Newton said it would take “more than a scholarship” to get his son to that school and that a third party could provide specifics. Newton was told the school would not meet such a request, according to the sources, who say the information was relayed to SEC officials. An emotional Cam Newton is said to have later called another Mississippi State recruiter to express regret over changing his commitment to the school but that his father chose Auburn because “the money was too much.”

Have a mentioned Newton’s father is a preacher?

Maybe these all these Mississippi State are just making this up, but remember these specific allegations was before Newton became a Heisman front runner.  Why they are becoming public now that is another story.

People are calling this a “witch hunt” and while the timing is very curious just remember that if Newton and his family took money that is a major violation witch hunt or not.

Doesn’t matter than it happens all the time or if Auburn was 6-4 no one would care.

I prefer to live in the present and while I don’t agree with how the NCAA handles these types of situations the rules are pretty clear.

The good news for Newton by the time the NCAA attempts lays the smackdown on the Auburn he will probably have many millions of NFL dollars in the bank.

3 thoughts on “Cam and His Father Cecil Newton Allegedly Spoke About Pay for Play

  • What could the NCAA possibly do to remedy this issue? Problem is, there is no clear cut answer to that question. Dont mean to jump to conclusions, but, this reaks of a reggie bush type situation…I really hope not though.

  • Very good article Robert. You are very right, if Cam did nothing, there is nothing to worry about. And what people have to realize like you were saying, if Auburn was 6 -4 or undefeated like they are, if he violated the rules, there is no excuse for it. Point blank. I hope for the credibility of Cam this is not true and goodness, for the credibility of his dad who is a pastor it is not true. But I am sure some people will jump and say, "Well, he will have millions soon anyway, so what".

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