Caption The Pic: Tiger Woods & Tony Parker

Tiger: “I got three porn stars in the back Tony, you down?”

Tony: “I am good, I have an appointment to eat me some Swedish Meatballs tonight.”

Tony: “I just got unlimited texts.”

Tiger: “Really me too…”

Tony: “Hey Tiger what do you think of Phil Mickleson’s Wife?”

Tiger: “She cool, I don’t know why she with that fat slob, why do you ask?”

Tony: “No reason…”

Tiger: “I am still salty I had to give Elin that 100 million, I don’t know what I was thinking leaving my phone on the table like that.”

Tony: “You have to be smarter Tiger”

Tiger: “Who is your cell phone bill under?”

Tony: “Eva”

Tiger: *Blank Stare”

Tiger: “Tony you have to follow me on twitter.”

Tony: “Twitter is wack.”

Tiger: “That’s the same thing Lebron said, lot of haters.”

Tony: “That’s what I am saying and when has Lebron ever made a wrong DECISION?”

Tiger: “True, true.”

Tony: “You know where you can find all the hoes.”

Tiger: “Where?”

Tony: “Facebook”.

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