Carmelo Anthony: “I’m Just Like Lebron..I’m Not Chris Bosh”


There is this divorce lawyer commercial that comes on the radio a lot here in Saint Louis.

He gives tips for men who have been served papers by their wives.

One of the tips is this:

“Don’t say anything that can hurt your reputation in front of the judge.”

In essence, it is best just to keep quiet, because if you put your foot in your mouth it could be use against you. Obviously Carmelo Anthony doesn’t listen to the radio. Check out these quotes:

“I’m just like LeBron,” Anthony emphasized in the Nuggets’ locker room following Saturday’s practice. “It’s all about winning. That’s all I care about. I want the chance to compete at the championship level. All the other stuff is irrelevant.”

“I’m not Chris Bosh,” Anthony declared. “We’re not the same person. What I do will be straight up. Management knows that.”

Shots Fired and we have a man down in South Beach.

First off Melo is not like Lebron.

Lebron is a much better overall player than Carmelo.

Lebron for all of his questionable decisions never whined about a trade. Lebron fulfilled his contractual obligations to the Cavs and was free to do whatever he wanted when he was a Free Agent.

The shot at Bosh was unnecessary, to be honest, for a player who is overly sensitive when people criticize him, he had no problem throwing a colleague under the bus.

He says he isn’t Bosh, but makes no secret he wants out of Denver. I would be offended if I was Bosh, at least Bosh fulfilled his contract before trying to flee.

One of the problem with these players is they have way too high opinion of themselves and they try to rationalize their questionable behavior.

The point is that Carmelo isn’t Lebron or Bosh, he is Carmelo Anthony and he needs to man up to his own actions and not try to use other people’s actions as a way of explaining his own.

Grow up.


  1. In all fairness to Melo, Bosh gets no respect in the SBNWO. Stan Gundy called him a lapdog and now J-Whitlock is saying Bosh should be traded. I think Melo is only reflecting what everyone is thinking. I do agree that he should keep quiet though. We forgot that this is the same fool that was on a "stop snitchin" dvd.

    • It was in regards to how Bosh treated Raptors which in my opinion was better than how Melo is doing the Nuggets

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