Carmelo Anthony Leaves Game at Halftime With Illness

Jesse Ventura is warming up the Conspiracy Theory jet to go to Denver.

Melo started tonight’s game against the Suns, but he didn’t finish.

Here are the details:

Denver Nuggets leading scorer Carmelo Anthony has left Sunday’s game with an illness and will not return.

Anthony started against the Phoenix Suns and scored two points and grabbed three rebounds in 2:48 before leaving the game. He sat on the bench the rest of the first half and then left the building at halftime, according to a team representative.

If you are sick, you are sick.   As long as it isn’t that “Ron Mexico”, he should be ok.

Could Melo have hung in there for the entire game? Probably if he wanted to or if he deemed the game to be important. With his current situation with the Nuggets, was he really concerned about that? I gather he wasn’t if he truly wasn’t feeling well.

You always take more sick days when you work for a company that you don’t like.

Hopefully they have some Robitussin at his house.

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