Chad Johnson Has His Own Mascot

Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Johnson may no longer be a touchdown machine, but now he is a marketing machine.  Johnson has endorsements like any other star athlete, but he has few unique feathers in his marketing cap as well. He was one, if not the first athlete to develop his own iPhone app for his fans to have access to his life. He has used twitter to create a much larger fan base, 1.3 million followers. Now Johnson has his own mascot: MadChad.

MadChad is a character in a mobile game coming to iPhone and iPad November 8th and is developed by Rock Software. In the game, Chad is mad because all his belongings are missing and spread around the world. Complete every level to find each of the missing Items. Don’t let “ANY THING” get in your way!

To get the word out about the game, Johnson and Rock software have come up with some creative marketing. When the Bengals played the Atlanta Falcons, Johnson sent the Falcon cornerbacks ‘MadChad’ t-shirts. Yesterday, the ‘MadChad’ mascot showed up at the Breeder’s Cup and partook in the festivities.

Check out the photos below to see ‘MadChad’ adventures.  If you can’t get enough of ‘MadChad’, make sure you check out his twitter page, @MadChad85.

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  • All I see when I think of 85 is 2-5.Homie needs to stop sending opponents shirts and grow a pair and call out Palmer.

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