Chad OchoCinco & Evelyn Lozada Wedding VH1 Reality Show in The Works

Depending on who you believe the engagement of Ocho and Evelyn is just an elaborate publicity stunt or they are truly in love.

I would be surprised if they made it down the aisle, but if they are going to complete their nuptials VH1 wants in on it.

TMZ has more details:

According to sources close to the couple, VH1 made an offer to Chad and “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada on Tuesday … just hours after news broke about the 10-carat engagement.

We’re told the show would be centered around the couple’s post-engagement relationship leading up to the wedding.

According to sources, the couple is very interested … but won’t sign unless “the money and situation are right.”

You have to get that “straight cash homie” when you can, so if they can milk VH1 for a couple of dollars, more power to them. In this new decade this is how things are done..

Announcing engagements on twitter, having a VH1 reality show for a wedding and switching from NBA Wives show to NFL Wives show.

This stuff use to be “shocking”, now it just gets a JaMarcus Shrug.

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