Charlie Villanueva on Kevin Garnett: “He Called Me a Cancer Patient”

If true and we are only hearing Villanueva’s side of the story, Kevin Garnett should apologize.

I am all for trash talk, but using cancer as a way to get underneath someone’s skin is taking it too far.

We all know KG is  intense on the court, but there is a fine line between being intense and being insensitive.  Villanueva, for his part, thinks KG is a bull, who never has been in a real fight in his life.

He then challenges KG to a fight.

Villanueva did this all through twitter, because that is the new place to beef.

Remember when people use to beef on MySpace?  Seems like ages ago.

It could be that Villanueva is salty because the Celtics laid the smackdown on the Pistons the other night.  I am sure that has something to do with it, but if KG did what he is accused of doing, he needs to man up and apologize.

8 thoughts on “Charlie Villanueva on Kevin Garnett: “He Called Me a Cancer Patient”

  • Garnett said a very very stupid thing but I don't think he should apoligize. Villanueva is suppose to keep his mouth shut and let the negative talk fuel his play. Or, he could of pushed and or engage Garnett and take the two game suspension; not crying on twitter.

  • c'mon man… he does look like one… and he posted it in twitter for what to get sympathy??? c'mon now… you're a grown man… eve IF KG DID say it… he is not making fun of the CANCER he is making fun of Charlie HAVING ONE not BEING ONE HIMSELF. People will go there goes KG again, but talking about the talk outside the court that just for p*ssies man… MAN UP CHARLIE… (insert CHARLIE BIT ME VID) hahaha…

    • Not funny

  • KG was wrong for that, but Charlie lookin mad MOIST right about now. dry-snitchin on twitter? How much you wanna bet that Oak, Mase, Mahorn, Laimbeer, Zeke and all them other cats from back in he days said on the court. If you mad about this then fine, but realize you only mad b/c this fool is tattling on a website instead of handling his biz on the court.

    • Here is the thing about twitter. You are free to say what you want, even complain. Wasn't like KG was going to accept his phone call. Fine line

  • Both are wrong KG should not have said what he said frankly the comment was a below the belt comment especially considering the fact that Charlie has alopecia universalis a real condition that causes him not to grown hair (rough summation). Read more about Charlie & his advocacy here: However, Charlie made the mistake many celebrities and professional athletes have made recently – taking out their frustrations on Twitter & not in the privacy of their own homes or within their personal inner circles.

    I do hope that KG apologizes and I hope that Charlie takes this moment to highlight the condition he does has and inspire other people with the condition or not based on the fact that the fact that his condition does not effect his ability to play at the NBA level even if he's "not a KG."

    Finally, in the NFL two penalties cancel each other out & I think that is what has gone on here…so let's take their model and just call an automatic 1st down & keep it moving forward.

    • Do you think KG knows what alopecia universalis is? Do you think KG can pronounce it?

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